High Pressure Centrifugal Blower

High pressure blowers, aka forced draft high pressure fans, are the go-to design for continuous duty industrial applications with high static pressure and low airflow. 

High pressure centrifugal fan blower is commonly used for high pressure forced smithery stoves and ventilation. It can be widely used for transportation of materials, non-corrosive air, and not spontaneous, non-viscous substances gas. Besides, the high pressure centrifugal fan moves clean air, light particulate, or vapor, and can be customized to handle abrasive, sticky, and hot airstreams.

The industrial centrifugal blower fan is generally used for high pressure forced ventilation in forging and smelting furnaces, glass, electroplating, ceramics, storage batteries, radio, and other industries. And the mid pressure centrifugal fan is widely used for conveying materials in grain, feed, mineral powder, and other processing industries; also suitable for carton machinery equipment, tempered glass equipment, and other supporting use.