Industrial Axial Fan

EB High Quality Wall Industrial Fan

EB Model Highlights:


  • The series are featured by good performance, easy maintenance and used to transport air
    in workshop storage and places of recreation
  • Installed on wall and easily operate.
  • Special motor make it lower noise.
  • 220V and 380V both voltage can be used on many places.
  • Accept double net on if need.



High Efficiency Axial Fan | Large Volume Axial Fan


EB axial fan features:


: Material Properties 

: The case and the propeller are made of carbon steel sheet Q235A with electrostatic powder coating and certained speed of the 1400r/min make it suitable and workable on lowe noice. these using place shouldn't contain flammable, explosive and corrosive gases, with a temperature no higher than 50℃..  


: Fan Structure

: The diameter of these series can be met 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm size we can offer. The width can be nearly same of all the models. This can meet different requirement of the wall thrickness. 


: Benefits

: Low noise, large air volume, electricity-saving and rational structure, contact our foreign seller for model selecting which has the best power efficiency.


: Uasge Area

: Chemical, light industry, civil construction, hotels, mining industry etc. for cooling or pipeline pressure, or ventilation.


Model Power
CMH(m³/h) Pressure(Pa)
EB-2A 0.06 220/380 1400 865 25
EB-2.5A 0.075 220/380 1400 1105 32
EB-3A 0.09 220/380 1400 1530 40
EB-3.5A 0.15 220/380 1400 2448 56
EB-4A 0.205 220/380 1400 3751 70
EB-5A 0.3 220/380 1400 5140 75
EB-6A 0.46 220/380 1400 7502 116

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