GUANGDONG AMX ELECTRIC APPLIANCES CO., LTD is built since 1996. Within the 115, 000 square meters modern standard, we have the international first-class research and development and production facilities, and also the international top-level research and development team.

With over 20 years of experience in the ventilation industry, AMX insists on the idea of a low-carbon green environment by integrating the IAQ concept. By increasing the production efficiency with the new energy-saving motor, environmentally-friendly materials and optimized air flue design, we provide the consumers with high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and reliable products all over the world.


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    Love, to love and care for the world, with the grateful heart as our mission and responsibility, to promote the coexistence between humans and society.

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    Beauty, to design with the beauty of nature, because the rigorous quality is our life, to create the best products with the best user experience.

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    Integrity, to openness based on sincerity, is the fundamental idea of our corporation, to guarantee the maximum benefits of every client.


AMX corporation follows the idea of development with energy-saving and low carbon and environmental protection, we’ve also introduced the internationally-advanced "IAQ", atmospheric displacement technology into China.

As we’ve adopted intellectual property with research and development technology, we can enlarge the effort of our innovation on research and development and manufacturer. This will create a free breath living environment, to improve people’s living environment and improve people’s living conditions. The fresh air system is mainly focused on family housing, commercial public place and other fields.


Indonesia clients visit our factory
Jeniffer take photos with clients
We receive Bosnia and Herzegovina friends
We go to Turkey for exhibition
Many oversea friends visit our company
Our chairman visit Uzbekistan friends and deepen the cooperation
Boss has dinner with clients
AMX held a party with oversea friends

Domestic Fan Production LINE

Ceiling fan production line. Full ABS plastic casing, 100% pure copper winding in motor.
Duct fan production line. One of leading products, small size, large air flow.
Cabinet fan production line. Many sizes, low noise, super thin.
Commercial cabinet fan production line. Good partner of hospital, hotel, school etc.
We are producing the big circular fans. Best plastic quality.
Too many silent cabinet fans orders, so only can do over-time work at night
Our workers are producing these circular metal fans. They are really hard-working.

Industrial Fan production line

4-72-A Production line. Backward centrifugal fan, strong and low noise.
Portable fan production line. Convenient to ventilating anywhere.
Wall axial fan production line. Hot sell, low noise, saving electricity.
4-72-C production line. Belt driven, can make stainless steel & anti-explosion type.
EG axial fan production line. Can be with net and fixed type feet.
HCF centrifugal fan production line. Kitchen use and matching with smoke purifier.
Belt type centrifugal fan production line. Low noise, and can suck dirty air powerfully.
Air conditioning fan production line. Materials inventory is enough.

Motor Production Linee

External rotor motor production line
Single /Three phase induction motor production line
Combine the machine in with the motor quality test.
Use ball bearing accessory to improve motor quality.
Ceiling exhaust fan motor production line
Our independent brand motor company
100% pure copper winding as picture