High Pressure Centrifugal Blower

9-19 High Pressure Blower

9-19 Model Highlights:


  • This series are use for coercive ventilation in industries such as ancient furnace, glass, electroplating, ceramics, etc, and arewidely used for material transportation in processing Industries like food, feed and slag.
  • The transporting medium is air or other non-spontaneous-combustion and non- explosive - combustion air with no harm to human.
  • The air transferred shall not contain any adhesive material, dust and grain and the concentration shall not exceed 150mg/m3, with the temperature no higher than 80℃.
  • Multi-size with coupling driven, super power pressure, transport different materials easily.

High Pressure Centrifugal Fan Blower


9-19 Model Features:


: Material Properties

: The case is made of high quality DKP. The worm tongue part of the housing adopts a new type of anechoic structure which has a good muffling effect. This model can be customised to 316 stainless steel material. Generally, the air transferred shall not contain any adhesive material, dust and grain and the concertration shall not exceed 150mg/m³, with the temperature no higher than 80ºC.


: Fan Structure

: The impeller is forward curved with a leafless diffuser welded to the wheel disc and wheel cover, and adjusted by static and dynamic balance. It has good aerodynamic performance and runs smoothly. Two driven type, direct motor type and D type with coupling.


: Usage Area

: Generally used for high pressure forced ventilation in forging and smelting furnaces, glass, electroplating, ceramics, storage batteries, radio and other industries, and can be widely used for conveying materials in grain, feed, mineral powder and other processing industries, also suitable for carton machinery equipment, tempered glass equipment and other supporting use.

Model Power
Volume(m³/h) Pressure(Pa )
3.5A 1.5 2800 552~847 2745~2744
4A 2.2 2800 824~1264 3584~3597
3 2900 1410~1704 3507~3253
4.5A 4 2900 1174~2062 4603~4447
5.5 2900 2281~2504 4297~4112
5A 7.5 2900 1610~2844 5697~5517
11 2900 3166~3488 5323~5080
5.6A 11 2930 2622~3619 7182~7109
18.5 2930 3996~4901 6954~6400
6.3A 18.5 2930 3220~5153 9149~9055
30 2950 5690~697 8857~8148

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