New Fan Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

Oct 27 , 2021

New Fan Energy Saving And Environmental Protection

1. The use of specially designed special high-pressure head and large-flow blower realizes mechanical ventilation and improves indoor air quality in a purely physical way, without secondary pollution and no derivative pollution.

2. The air flow and velocity are in line with the requirements of the new standard for healthy houses, without any side effects or discomfort to the human body. Multiple functions are combined (ie: dust removal, sterilization, oxygenation, heating) in one. Since there is no pipe connection, it can effectively prevent the germs in the indoor polluted air from being cross-infected through the pipe.

3. The unique dynamic and static balance process technology is applied to make the machine operation noise ≤45dB, and according to the climate and geographical environment of the application area, various functions such as poisoning, sterilization, heating, dust prevention, and noise isolation can be combined into different series of products.

4. Because there is no need for pipelines, the workload of pipeline installation and maintenance is eliminated, the system cost is low, the cost is low, energy saving and environmental protection, which effectively solves the problems of high cost, complicated installation, difficult cleaning, and difficult maintenance of large-scale pipeline fresh air systems.

5. The shape is small, beautiful and reasonable in structure. According to different occasions, a variety of models such as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and cabinet-type can be provided. It is easy to install and maintain, and the fresh air is soft. It can be widely used in homes, offices, and public places.

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