How To Clean Kitchen Ventilation Fan

Nov 04 , 2022

Keeping ventilation kitchen fans in top condition is essential to a well-maintained kitchen area. As one of the most important pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen, kitchen exhaust ventilation fans keep the air clean and reduce greasy buildup around the kitchen area to create a comfortable cooking space.


For the air ventilation fan for kitchen, the prerequisite for effective odor removal and air filtration is regular cleaning and maintenance, which should not be neglected in any case to prolong service life and ensure optimal performance. Do you know how to clean the kitchen exhaust fan? Here are serval cleaning guide tips you may want to know!


What Are The Fans For Kitchen Ventilation?

Kitchen ventilation fans, also known as kitchen exhaust ventilation fans, consist of a hood and a fan and are typically installed directly above the cooktop and cooking surfaces. The hood can capture dirty and moist air. Meanwhile, a built-in fan extracts this air and moves it from the kitchen to the outside. Likewise, commercial kitchen ventilation fans carry the burden of removing impurities and moisture from the air, ensuring adequate ventilation in a busy commercial kitchen.

Commercial Kitchen Oil Fume Purifier

Commercial Kitchen Oil Fume Purifier


Thanks to the air ventilation fan for kitchen, removing air pollutants, steam and heat make cooking much easier. Besides discharging excess heat from the kitchen to ensure ventilation, the kitchen exhaust fan also reduces steam from boiling water and simmering food, strong cooking odors, smoke, grease particles, harmful vapors and pollutants, etc. All in all, the ventilation kitchen fan is necessary for a comfortable cooking environment and to achieve optimal productivity.


Simple Cleaning Steps For Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Fans


Step 1: Unplug the exhaust fan

For cleaning large equipment, the power must be unplugged before maintenance to avoid accidents. Lay a tarp around the fan during cleaning to catch drips, and cooking should not be done during equipment maintenance.


Step 2: Remove the grease trap

Most commercial kitchen ventilation fans have grease collection containers on the side of the range hood for proper disposal. And a mixture of hot water and grease-cutting cleaner is useful to remove the softened sticky residue.


Step 3: Remove the filter

Filters are used to trap grease, dirt, and other particles. Over time, ventilation kitchen fan filters will accumulate a thick, greasy residue and gradually weaken their effectiveness. Soak the filter in the hot water solution mentioned above to promote grease loosening, then scrub with a nylon brush to remove any remaining residue.

Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Kitchen Exhaust Ventilation Fans


Step 4: External cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of the vent hood is relatively simple. Use any degreaser or household spray to clean the outside parts - the hood and the fan. Please note that the spray is non-abrasive and must not come in contact with any electrical components.


And don't forget that the vents must also be thoroughly checked daily to avoid constant blockage with clogged grease, which can damage fans for kitchen ventilation and lead to fire hazards.


Step 5: Internal Cleaning

Although the blades and motor are very durable, frequent exposure to extreme grease and humidity can result in poor operation. To avoid accidental wetting of kitchen exhaust ventilation fans, always scrub with a cloth soaked in degreaser and never spray cleaning solution directly into the kitchen ventilation fan. If cleaning does not bring the desired results, the fan motor may need to be replaced.



Clean and maintain the kitchen wall ventilation fan regularly for optimal performance - at least once every 6 months. Also, it is important to acquire the best ventilation fan for kitchen and high-performance ventilation equipment.


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