Fresh Air System Can Fight Against The "Rainy Season"

Apr 16 , 2022

Fresh Air System Can Fight Against The "Rainy Season"

Because in the weather like "back to the south" and "rainy season", "open windows into the haze", so that the walls and floors will even "water ". Although not opening the windows can prevent outdoor moisture from entering the room, but the lack of air circulation will lead to "closed windows mold", food and other mold, causing mold growth, mites proliferation. 

Bad weather not only affects our mood, but also affects our health?

In the bad air environment, we can only use the fresh air system 24 hours a day to replace the indoor and outdoor air, which provides filtered rich-oxygen air, keep the indoor air clean by exhausting the indoor air.

The fresh air system is to achieve indoor and outdoor air circulation through the exhaust and supply ducts, while purifying the incoming air and achieving total heat exchange. The basic principle and function of the fresh air system is to import outdoor air while discharging indoor air to achieve the effect of ventilation without opening windows.

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