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    It is an ideal corollary product for central air-conditioner equipment of different specifications, heating and ventilating air conditioner, purifier, ventilator and other equipment. It has high versatility, high efficiency, low noise, large volume and other features. The air it transferred shall not contain any flammable, corrosive material with the temperature of air at -20 °C to 60°C, dust and grain and the concentration shall not exceed 100mg/m3.

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    SF(G) axial exhaust fan series featured by low noise, large air volume, eletricity saving, rational and etc, whose blades are designed and made according to 3 flow theory. Chosen as ideal devices by many departments such as chemical, light industry, civil construction and high-class hotel, the series are applied to prevent sunstroke and lower temperature for the mining industry and the workshop storage, or used for pipeline pressure, the air supply, ventilation and roof ventilation in general industry. further more, according to users' needs, our company can also provide SF-I type for fixed status and SF-II type for adjustable status.