What is fresh air system?

In pursuit of a healthy and quiet life, European countries found a simple and practical system and many of their building were installed this system. At present, the fresh air system has been widespread application .The system is effective for 24 hours of the whole house on the indoor and outdoor air circulation, which is a set of air exchange system to ensure the quality of fresh air, nicknamed "houses of the respiratory system”.

AMX Fresh air system

Features of fresh air system

(1) Energy saving:
Its operating power is 28 w - 70 w with and 0.7 KWH daily consumption,which minimizes operating costs and make your daily expenses greatly reduce.
(2) healthy environmental protection:
24 hours a day, 365 days a year continuously provide the indoor house with fresh air and exhaust harmful gases with exhaust fan and various kinds of bacteria.Besides, it can eliminate water vapor ,which can not only avoid mold wall but also maintain indoor air health.
(3) comfort:
System operation is only 26.4 db so you do not need to endure a window of noise, which allows you to enjoy the quiet comfortable life space!
(4) Reduce the humidity :
Indoor humidity is not only from the bathroom , but also from the human and burner which release the moisture. Nowadays, most of the buildings are enclosed residential,so following problems appear:the wall and bed rot, the clothes get mildew. Ventilation Fan can keep the indoor house dry and comfortable.

Introduction of some product series of Ventilation Fan in AMX

BPT Series --ceiling mounted ventilation fan

Picture 1

Ventilation Exhaust Fan BPT(with DC motor)

Picture 2

BPT Ventilation Exhaust Fan

From picture 2, we can see every part of our ventilation fan which has good quality and performs very well. And there are some advantages of this series of BPT

1.Super quiet
Advanced hydrodynamics technology and brand new multi-wing high pressure impeller.
Spiral casing air duct with low resistances .
Features:super quiet ,fan operating sound is almost unheard even in quiet environment.
2.Large air volume
Optimal structure design
Large-size impeller
DJT series --Circular Duct Ventilation Fan
This type of ventilation fan has a circular fan body ,which directly connected with duct and easy for installation. Backward impeller with outer rotor motor,high efficiency invisible construction,
which make your life fresh and beautiful.