• Stand Mist Fan + A-4PT

Stand Mist Fan + A-4PT

  • Model number : A-4PT


Decrease temperature: At least 3-8℃ within short times.

Increase relative humidity.

Reduce dust effectively.

Purify air.

Occasions: Outdoor restaurant& cafe, garden, bus station, walking street, play ground, or any place which needs cooling.

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Misting air cooler is widely used in outdoor occasions such as open square,

playgrounds, stadiums, airports, walk streets, bus stations, outdoor restaurant and villa gardens; it is also used for industrial workshops in textiles,porcelain,casting fectories,etc.


Principle & Effect:

Mist particles (diameter of 10-25 microns) emitted by misting device will take away the heat through evaporation, which travel to target area when the fan blows. In the effective area, it can decrease temperature by3~8t:and helps increase relative humidity, reduces dust and purity air, which makes a comfortable living & working space.


High Pressure Type: After pressed by electromegnetic pressure pump, water goes through micro nozzles and turns to mists , which are sprayed out by the air supply system to the target area. Mist diameter is ranging from 10〜25 microns by using different size of nozzles.

Product Description

Technical Data

Type: Pressure Type

Material: High Class ABS Plastic

Certification: CE/ SASO

Pump: Italy made electromagnetic pump.

Blower: AC motor

Warranty: One year.

Power: 340w

Volume: 2450m3/h

Noise: Lower or equal to 69

Effective Area: 95m2

Water Capacity: 94L

Water Consumption: 7L/h

Fan Size: 700*700*2000mm

Net Weight: 60kg