New Canton Fair Same Senior Partner- Popula Fan Co., Ltd

New Canton Fair Same Senior Partner, Popula Fan Co., Ltd ( & AMX Fan Co., Ltd.), since 2012, we become Canton Fair’s Senior partner. Most of the foreigner will know us, when they visit Canton Fair. We make them cool, we are Popula Fan Co., Ltd ( & AMX Fan Co., Ltd.), we sale the Misting Air Cooler, we also sale the ventilation fan, industrial fan too.

AMX Misting Fans

About Misting Fan
Functions: Decrease the temperature by 3-8 ℃ in the effective area; increase relative humidity, reduce dust and purify air.

Applications: Outdoor occasions like open- air restaurant & cafe, walking street, theme park, garden, bus station, fair and etc.

Misting Types: Centrifugal type and pressure type.
Technical Data: as below, Power from 130W to 340W, Water tank capacity 6L to 94L.

About Ventilating Fan
Functions: Our indoor ventilation fan all are super quiet, long ventilation distance, feel nature at home, out of your expectation.

Applications: Home, building, office, hotel, hospital, theatre, warehouse, workshop, and etc.

We make a lot of fan,Misting Air Cooler, indoor ventilation fan and industrial fan, if you want to know more please visit our company website within my signature.

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