How can you lower the temperature with the ventilation exhaust fan?

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The excessive temperature of the kitchen is unbearable for many humans cooking, is there any way to cool the kitchen? The following describes the use of airflow exhaust fans, range hoods, and air conditioners to assist you to limit the temperature and humidity of the kitchen.

The producers of the above gear are air cooler manufacturers, exhaust fan producers and ventilation fan manufacturer and so forth.

The first one is the ventilation exhaust fan, which correctly exchanges the air in the kitchen with the outdoor world to reap air circulation, thereby lowering the temperature of the kitchen.

The second one is the vary hood, which is a must-have equipment for Chinese kitchen today. The fumes that are produced whilst cooking will be trapped in the kitchen, so the very hood also has a sure impact on the cooling and dehumidification of the kitchen. Experiments exhibit that the very hood can obviously manipulate the humidity and temperature upward push of the kitchen.

The 0.33 one is air conditioner. Because the kitchen normally does now not air conditioner, it can only convey the bloodless air from the living room to the kitchen.


The statistics show that air conditioner is the only tremendous answer to the excessive temperature and excessive humidity of the kitchen. It can appreciably decrease the temperature and manage the humidity to a certain value. Under this temperature and humidity, cooking will now not purpose a sweat.

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Kitchen cooling and dehumidification recommendations


The quality way to cool the kitchen in the hot summer is to set up air conditioners. If there is no air conditioning set up space for ornament or the kitchen is no longer appropriate for an air conditioner, As for such circumstance, you can reflect on consideration on a movable air conditioner, which has no exterior computer and is extra adaptable.


The cell air conditioner occupies about half a square meter and requires an exhaust duct, which is not suitable for every kitchen. At this point, the remaining alternatives are the large suction range hood and the reduction of open flame cooking. The best way is to equip the above three appliances, which can notably improve the kitchen air and lower the temperature.


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