How to install the exhaust fan in the house without exhaust vent

Some houses have no exhaust fans or exhaust vents in the bathroom. Thus, an exhaust fan needs to be installed in the house. The following is a detailed description of the installation of an exhaust fan.

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When the winter arrives, an exhaust fan plays a powerful role in a bathroom. There is a lot of water vapor generated while bathing, so an exhaust fan is needed to help drain the steam in the bathroom. An exhaust fan installed with an exhaust pipe has the purpose of exhausting on one aspect, and the other is that exhaust fan needs to exhaust gas itself.

Punch according to the size of the exhaust pipe
The specific sizes of punch holes are commonly 75cm and 80cm. Therefore, you can purchase it according to actual needs.

Install the exhaust pipe

Wiring is important to install an exhaust fan. The line needs to be reserved in advance. According to the size of the exhaust fan you purchase, you must reserve the installation hole of the exhaust fan on the ceiling. You need a frame made of wood to fix the exhaust fan, and set the exhaust pipe of an exhaust fan. The exhaust fan can only be installed after the ceiling has been completed.

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Ask an electrician to see if the line is secure or if it needs to be adjusted. It is suggested to find a professional electrician for wiring work. At the same time, a frame needs to be installed to fix the exhaust fan. It is best to make another vent to remove the turbidity of the bathroom and meanwhile the water vapor can be discharged in time.

Most exhaust fan installation workers only plug the exhaust fan exhaust pipe directly into the flue, but not fixing it. As a result, if the pipe is placed directly on the air duct, it will soften after being used for a long time and then cause it to fall off. Therefore, the exhaust pipe must be fixed when it is installed in the air duct.

Another thing to note is that the holes in the wall should not be too small. After the pipe is inserted into a small section, it is just stuck. If you feel that you are not satisfied, you can put a layer of putty around the tube to fix it.

When it comes to installing other kinds of exhaust fans, the dealing method is the same to exhaust fan such as duct exhaust fan and duct ventilation fan.

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