How to Choose Ventilation Fans in AMX Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd?

Since AMX has a lot of type of ventilation fan, we can recommend a set of suitable fan which is according to your house and the outside environment. There some method about how to choose the suitable fans. Firstly, we should clear the flow of air so that we can decide which side of the inlet and outlet and the place of duct pipe. Secondly, we should clear the position of the suction and exhaust .we need to consider the path of from gas to air exhaust, as far as possible to separate the location of the intake and exhaust.
AMX Ventilation Fans
Some people said that the effect is not obvious when they use ventilation system, How to deal with this problem?
 1.Be sure to look for professional installation personnel, they know how to set up the inlet and outlet pipe, and set up the pipeline route, it will affect the effect of the indoor air circulation.
2, Indoor seal is very important. it is easy to overlook the point (for example: the window air leakage).
Principle: ventilation system is based on the special equipment to send fresh air to  the indoor in one side , and  exclude the polluted air from the indoor side to outdoor by the special equipment . This is the formation of indoor air flow field so as to meet the needs of the indoor air ventilation.
A.Haze days must close the doors and Windows;
B. Remember to close every door.
C. Check the sealing of the window, because the window of the seals are usually made of rubber or silicone, when we use for a period of time ,it will be aging deformation; Regular in sealing strip, can effectively improve sealing.