How to get through the rainy season?

A lot of people are having these common feelings, that during some special season in the year, everything is getting wet and cloudy, the quilt and even the clothes are always feel like rheumy. It is so confused within these days, should I do my laundry, why bother they are not going to dry anyway... Then you will spend the rest of the day praying you have enough underwear...


Ok, that might be a bit personal, so, what about the living space? Yeah, it’s as wet as your laundry, everything is sticky and wet, you feel like you are living in aquarium, because everything you can see is wet inside out, chairs, wall, floor, table and since then your parents will forbid you watching TV, same reason, it’s wet... At that moment, you realize something, why not installing the ventilation system that fix all this mess?


What you need is simple, AMX ventilation system, with their ER series Heat Exchanger and Purifying Box, these will solve this once for all, easy installation, low cost, better living conditions, so what is Heat Exchanger and Quiet Cabinet Fan actually? How they work together?

Well, it’s very simple.


ER Heat Exchanger is a device which has double-direction fresh air exchanging system, high efficiency and energy saving. With the preliminary filter, it can filter the dust particles and purify the air. Thin body design makes it suitable for any kind of ceiling installation. It’s with double speed switch which is easy to install.

AJH Purifying Box, it’s triple filtrations, pre-filtration, high-efficiency filtration, activated carbon filtration, it can filter PM2.5 and purify air efficiently, so as to make household environment comfortable and healthy.

With this devices, the moisture will be filtered before entering the house, and even the outside environment is full of cloud and moisture, it won’t affect your living space, but there is more, with this system, not just moisture is kept away from the house, but also the hazardous substances, then no matter what is happening out there, you are still enjoying the dry and clean air. But, in order to make this system all time effective, remember to change the filter inside the AJH, purifying box. View more


You may think that there are a lot of heat exchangers on the market, why choose AMX?

Let me explain it to you, as we all known, the core part for a exchanger is the filter, the quality and design for the filter will affect its function directly.

This is the hive inside the filter which is standard on the market.


It’s a squared cube with only four open side for exchange the air. Looks pretty good actually.

Now look at our hive which is using inside the filter.


The hive is a rhombus cube, and the size is bigger than the squared cube. And why we designed it in this way? Because when the hive is bigger it means the tunnels inside the hive is longer, this makes the hot air and cold air have a bigger contact surface, we all know that the higher temperature will goes to the lower temperature, if their contact surface is longer, it will gives more time on their heat exchange. And that makes the whole heat exchanger more efficient and different with others, of course the shape is different means the cost will be different too, but sometimes, people say the higher the price , the better the quality.

With the help of our high efficient Full Heat Exchanger fresh air system, it will help you to to get through this wet season...