Fresh Air System Make Your House to Breath Healthy in Summer

The summer solstice solar term, which is the hottest day of the year is coming. High temperature, low air pressure, humidity, the hot season, the majority of people would shut the doors and windows at home, long time open air, indoor air pollution has entered a "period". Uncomfortable, cough, chest tightness, play sneezing is subject to indoor air pollution, body reaction obviously.



The problem of air pollution burst table and concern in recent years because of the haze caused frequently and PM2.5 continuous . When air pollution is serious, people choose to hide in the room not to go out. A large number of facts prove that indoor air pollution has become a hazard to human health "stealth killer", has become the common concern of the whole world. In daily life, new home decoration, home office renovation, reloading, classroom renovation, and even high-speed rail, subway, every closed environment are relatively independent, each independent space may exist the problem of air pollution, so we can not hide it.

Click Indoor air pollution is more serious than outdoor pollution

China air network reporter access to the information, every day for adults about 15 kilograms of suction air, eat 1.5 kilograms of food and drink two kilograms of water. We can not eat for seven days, two days without water, can not leave, but the air in five minutes. Now 80 - 90% of the time spent indoors, the indoor air quality is directly related to human health and life, the quality of the work. However, according to the WHO (WHO) of indoor air pollution and Health > released "shows that the degree of indoor air pollution is 5~10 times higher than outdoor pollution, disease and 4% of the world's room The air quality inside, about 2 million people died due to indoor air pollution caused by premature disease each year, and died of outdoor air pollution each year about 1 million 300 thousand people. The experts found that the United States detection, there are 500 kinds of volatile organic compounds in indoor air, including more than 20 kinds of carcinogens, the virus is more than 200.



 Daily life, interior decoration, kitchen fumes, household appliances are the main source of indoor air pollution

First, the physiological activities of human body can be discharged 20 kinds of toxic substances, smoking, pets and other daily activities also will produce large amounts of harmful gases and particulate matter. People in the crowded, stuffy room often feel dizziness, severe chest tightness, dyspnea, sweating, nausea and other symptoms.

Second,decoration materials will produce formaldehyde and radon and other 20 kinds of toxic and harmful gases, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can lead to memory loss, cancer, fetal malformation.

Third, WHO pointed out that open fires and stoves will cause high levels of indoor air pollution, produce a lot of harmful pollutants, including small soot particles can penetrate deep into the lungs. The study published in the British Nature magazine called < >, emissions from consumption of heating and cooking Home Furnishing energy on a global scale, premature death a great impact.

Fourth, Shanghai CDC and Fudan University School of public health and other institutions detection, the air conditioner is on the initial stage, the indoor PM2.5 increased significantly. Many long time use of air conditioning in the room, PM2.5 is higher than the outside. Most household air conditioning dust in bacterial, fungal and even exceed the standard, is 50 times the market of central air conditioning.

 House eager to breathe - fresh air system is more professional and effective

Now the house tightness is higher and higher, which leads to indoor ventilation is poor. In fact, the house is like a person. If you want a healthy environment, we need the normal "breathing". When the outdoor air quality, people will naturally open the window, the natural ventilation, there is conducive to maintaining the quality of air in the room; but when outdoor PM2.5 higher than 150 micrograms / cubic meter, the ventilation window has become the destructive factors of indoor air quality, if the outdoor noise encountered rain or dust weather, nor the ventilation window. Then you need to find another method, the use of air purification products is the choice of most people.

The air purifier in the past few years sell very fire, but compared to the air purifier, there is a more professional and effective cleaning equipment, fresh air system, it is equivalent to the house of the lung, can make the house health "breath". Its working principle is the first indoor air pollution is discharged to the outside of the room, and outdoor fresh air by filtration, sterilization in heat exchanger for heat exchange, the concentration of PM2.5 in outdoor air down, and then enter the room, the indoor air circulation is more close to natural wind. In this way, the indoor environment will be very comfortable, the oxygen content of the air is also standard.



 For example, the air purifier is equivalent to the inner loop of the car, and the new air system is equivalent to the outer loop, not only to solve the problem of the former may lead to hypoxia, and low noise

 The three major differences between Fresh air system and purifier

Fresh air system and purifier in comfort, use conditions and the use of the cost of the following aspects

Comfort:fresh air ventilation system by way of introducing fresh air to the indoor, supplemental oxygen, can improve the room comfort. And the air purifier can purify the indoor air circulation, and not from the outdoor fresh air input to the interior, so comfort discount. In addition, the part of the air purifier noise, easy to use effects of sleep, noise fresh air system is relatively small and, after heat exchange of the fresh air temperature can be adjusted to near room temperature, even if the long time operation, the room temperature will not drop dramatically. By installing different filters, fresh air system can filter the dust, pollen, PM2 .5 and other pollutants  



Use Conditions:air purifier is suitable for the need in a short time on the air purification room, with the purchase of more channels, without professional installation, plug and play etc. but suffered long-term haze days, because there is no ventilation, air purifiers and not on some power. And the air purifier is only applicable to in the local small area of air purification. Fresh air system is suitable for the large area, need air but not convenient to open the window of the family, schools, office buildings, but required by professional personnel to install, also need to set up windows machine, pipe laying, high professional requirements for design, installation.

 Cost:air purifier prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, different brands of different quality, can replace the filter element uneven in quality, but overall, the price is cheaper than the fresh air system. The first air system installation cost is higher, need by professionals in design, wiring, cost including design, construction and purchase of fan, pipes, fittings and so on. The latter also need regular maintenance, replacement of the filter element.


Fresh air system can open one or two hours per day

Despite the many advantages of the fresh air system, but in our country the prevalence rate is low. It is understood that the current air system penetration rate in more than 90% countries in Europe and America, South Korea reached 70%, and fresh air system of our family penetration rate is less than 1%, significantly lower than the international level. Chinese electrical consumption environment investigation and development prospect analysis report. Show that even in the north of Guangzhou and Shenzhen City, the popularity of fresh air rate of the system is less than 15%.




The reason, in addition to the people do not understand, the main reason is that most of the fresh air system needs to be installed in the decoration, if the house has been renovated, transformation of the need for a wide range of design. Many houses did not set aside the pipeline space, but also to the fresh air system set a threshold. The popularity of expert advice the national mandatory standards, can introduce the ventilation system, in the development of the new premises, the ventilation pipe and hydropower coal pipeline as standard configuration.

Pay attention to matters about fresh air system installed using the expert reminds, first look at the choice of fresh air system form. What if the house has been renovated, can install split type air system; if it is not decoration, can be installed full heat exchange air system, stability, ventilation of indoor temperature, humidity changes. Secondly, volume selection suggestions some, in order to ensure the ventilation effect of the room, and with the air regulating switch, at any time can be adjusted according to needs. Thirdly, suggestions are provided with an air inlet and outlet in each room, the purification effect. Finally, the fresh air system does not need to be kept open every day for one or two hours of ventilation, day When the gas is good or recommended window ventila