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Studies have shown that long-term living in the air is polluted in the environment easily lead to neonatal heart disease. In 2002, a team of researchers in the United States, a fertility defect monitoring team, conducted a follow-up study of 9,000 newborns. It was found that pregnant women living in a heavily polluted environment had the possibility of suffering from heart disease by pregnant women who breathe fresh air Three times the child. In addition, children are more susceptible to indoor air pollution than adults. Because the child's body is growing, the amount of breathing is 50% higher than the weight of adults, and more than 80% of the time is living indoors.


According to the relevant research, smoking, air conditioning, cooking, dust and decoration pollution, have seriously affected the indoor air quality. It is understood that tobacco smoke, including 69 kinds of carcinogens and 172 kinds of harmful substances, in addition to cause lung cancer, heart disease and bronchitis and asthma, or indoor air pollution is an important source. Fudan University test confirmed that most of the family of air-conditioning dust in the bacteria, mold exceeded, the most serious number of family bacteria more than 50 times the central air-conditioning shopping malls, plus air conditioning less cleaning, use a few years later become PM2.5 important source. Kitchen fumes are also the cause of poor air quality, fumes contain a lot of toxic substances. Dust is also an important factor, quilt, bed, sofa, carpet and household appliances are dusty dead ends, once the wind is very easy to be caught in the lungs.


The dust produced during the renovation process is one of the reasons for the indoor PM2.5 exceeding the standard. In particular, the materials such as paint, marble, plywood, particleboard, interior wall paint and adhesive are used in the decoration process. Formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, toluene And other organic volatile materials, decoration materials will continue to release a large number of harmful gases, these harmful gases will be attached to the PM2.5 above, become the indoor air quality stealth killer.


what should we do?


Outdoor air PM2.5 mainly rely on the country to reduce, but we stay for a long time indoors, PM2.5 concentration can be improved by improving personal habits to change. Yuan Chen researchers said, to improve the indoor air quality on the one hand to ensure that the indoor do not smoke, cooking less fried, open hood, cut off pollution sources, to prevent air pollution. On the other hand to control indoor air pollution, such as the choice of environmentally friendly green new materials, can purify the air of functional products, the most important thing is to remove PM2.5 at the same time remove formaldehyde such harmful gases, two-pronged to achieve the source of purification The


AMX Fan fresh air system is a new system specifically designed for indoor air purification. It is based on the enclosed side of the indoor side with a special equipment to send fresh air to the room, and then from the other side by the special equipment to the outdoor discharge, the room will form a "new wind flow field" principle, so as to meet the needs of indoor fresh air The In the air at the same time into the indoor air filtration, disinfection, sterilization, dehumidification and so on. In the field of fresh air system research, Honeywell experienced, strong, and get a lot of decisive research and development results, but also have their own patented technology. Honeywell fresh air system is used inside and outside the interactive system, the principle is through the principle of electrostatic adsorption, so that the particles in the air after the charge to capture. And then through the patented technology to remove outdoor particles, bacteria and other continuous improvement of indoor air quality.

When the haze is serious, we have at least one thing that can be done, that is, to protect yourself and to those who love you. So from now on, you should choose a good fresh air system for your family, keep all of them are health.


Functions for The Ventilation Fans

Exchanging air: discharge the indoor foul air, then bring the fresh air in from outside, and increase indoor oxygen, in case of the incomplete combustion.


Lots of invisible bacteria floating in the smoke and dust in the air, ventilation can remove the indoor smoke and dust effectively.


Though charge the air, can quick exhaust the bad smell which caused due to various reasons, return you a comfortable space.

Reduce the humidity:

Indoor humidity not only from the bathroom, and also the human and burner will release the moisture. Nowadays, most of the living rooms are enclosed type, so it is easy to appear the following problems: the wall and bed will rot, the clothes will get mildew. Ventilation can keep the indoor dry and comfortable.

Reduce the temperature:

Remove the heat air out and bring the cool air in. Give you a relaxed and comfortable indoor environment during the stuffy summer night.



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